★New Casting Service Now Starting Exclusive To Cartwright Drama Studio The Aim Is To Get Our Members Professional Work★

What Is It And How Does It Work

CARTWRIGHT HIGGINS MANAGEMENT has in a relatively short time built into a respected force within the industry with strong connections to major casting directors nationally, with our select client list securing roles in Theatre, TV, and film including…Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Peaky Blinders, Brassick, , Netflix Dramas, Number one Theatre tours Full Monty etc. etc. Major TV commercials and campaigns to name a few…and building careers.

However one consistent frustration for us is that at times jobs come in that are particularly suited to some of our studio members but we are unable to submit them as they are not our clients. We obviously can’t take everyone from The Studio onto our books, we just wouldn’t have the capacity. It is something we have wrestled with for sometime. Finally we have found the solution that will give us the chance to help our students towards work, which has always been a lynch pin of our training ethos, and also provide us as an agency with a wider range of types and talents to draw from to fulfil incoming jobs. Win…Win

That solution is – Cartwright higgins associate studio

When you have been a member of The Cartwright Drama Studio for a period of one month, if you choose you may also join CHAS and become an associate to CHM. Whilst not entitling you to all the benefits of being a fully fledged client of CHM it will give you the opportunity to be considered for casting for professional roles in Theatre, TV and Film.

So as an on going current member of the Cartwright Drama Studio I am automatically entitled to associate representation?

Yes. However there are a few stipulations:

  • You must have attended the Cartwright Drama Studio for a period of at least one month.
  • You must be prepared to supply Professional actors headshots.
  • You must join ‘Casting Networks’. This is in fact another benefit to our members as it is free to join if you are connected to an agency, otherwise it would be a paid service.
  • You must be prepared to travel to London for certain castings…Please note we would not submit you for a London casting if – the work was financially viable if secured and you ticked all the boxes in terms of the role in question.

Do I Have To Be On Spotlight?

Obviously this would be an advantage but if you are not a member this is something you can work towards as you gain professional credits.

In the meantime you will still be submitted for any suitable roles via other means.

Will I Still Be Able To Remain With CHAS If I Am No Longer Coming To The Studio?

CHAS representation will be part of your membership to Cartwright Drama Studio so it would only be active whilst you are a current student and would therefore dissolve if your membership became inactive at any time.

How Do I Maintain My Membership To Cartwright Drama Studio?

To be a fully-fledged member of The Studio you need to attend classes on a regular basis and pay the monthly fees.

What Happens If I Already Have An Acting Agent?

Then you won’t need this service. Dual representation would not be possible or necessary.

So Again What Are The Benefits In Summary?

When you join The Cartwright Drama Studio, you not only receive training of the highest calibre from a practitioner of over thirty five years experience working at the top of the industry… and a youth section run by a university qualified and Theatre in Education exponent – you also now have the opportunity for ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATION with an established Acting Agency.

  • The chance to be considered for professional roles in Theatre, Television and Film.
  • Free membership to Casting Network, saving on the usual Casting Network monthly fee.

Will There Be Any Agency Fees To Pay

There will only be agency fees to pay if and when you secure work.

You will be charged the standard agency rates:
10% for Theatre
15% for Film, TV and Commercials

In return for the fees CHAS will actively seek work on your behalf, provide representation for each individual job, which will include any negotiation, contract work, collecting and making payments etc.