1. I have often thought of exploring acting but I’ve never done any acting bofore. Would the classes be suitable for me?

Definitely. Many of our students have joined us without any prior experience whatsoever. As we now get so many enquiries from beginners, we decided to launch a complete beginners class in Manchester. Also because of how Jim structures the classes beginners can also be incorporated into some of our other classes too… Incidentally, many of our ‘beginners’ have now got agents, on Spotlight and are starting to work professionally. We would encourage you to begin the journey and see if it’s right for you.

2. I am a professional actor who would like to keep up my training in-between jobs. I’m always interested in challenging myself further and pushing boundaries. Would any of the classes at the Studio help me to do this?

We have many actors in the classes similar to yourself. They have said that it is a great privilege to study and train with someone of Jim Cartwright’s experience who has been working at the top of his game for over 35 years and who still continues to do so. Jim to date has worked both on stage and screen with many major actors, directors and producers ( Sam Mendes, , Danny Boyle, Gary Oldman, Jane Horrocks, Alison Steadman, Brenda Blethyn, Pete Postlethwaite, Ian Glenn, David Thewlis, Timothy Spall, Jim Broadbent, Sean Bean etc etc……..In the West End, Broadway, National Theatre, film and television in the UK and around the world.

Jim and performers of his work have won and been nominated for many awards such as Oscars, Golden Globe, Olivier, BAFTA, Evening Standard Awards and The Royal Television Society Awards.

The experience and knowledge that Jim imparts is just invaluable to actors of all levels and abilities.

3. I have recently graduated from drama college with a hons degree. I now need to secure an agent to get myself on Spotlight and work. Is there anything that The studio could do to help me to take these next steps in my career?

Of course. There’s many ways that you would benefit from joining us.

Firstly, we have regular showcases at ‘The Studio’ for industry professionals, agents, casting directors etc.

Secondly, also offer membership to all our students to join The Cartwright-Higgins Management Associates should they wish to. This enables CHM Management to submit students for professional work should suitable roles come along. More information on how this works can be obtained from Cartwright-Higgins Management upon joining The Studio.

Thirdly, we hold the renowned ‘Sunday Night at The Cartwright Palladium’, usually on a monthly basis. This allows students the most crucially needed performance experience. Students are encouraged to perform from any project they are working on and would like feedback or a song, stand-up, poetry or in fact anything at all before the live audience of friends and family.

Fourthly, because of the many performance experiences that are available with The Studio many students have been able to secure their Spotlight registration.

Finally, we know what it’s like to feel somewhat adrift when leaving college, joining The Studio would mean being part of a great acting community full of camaraderie and support, some have gone on to form professional acting companies together and made life-long friends.

4. I have been to a number of other drama classes can I please ask how are the classes structured at The Studio and what can I expect?

Jim Cartwright with his vast experience has a complete unique way of teaching based on his own experience. He likes to take things back to the imagination, where all performance originates and to develop this often overlooked but integral part of acting skills. This is the very foundation on which the classes grow and develop, incorporating theatre, script, audition work, tv and film acting. The classes are stimulating, challenging and incredible fun and students learn through this very important premise of the imagination. Students are encouraged to be creative, sometimes even writing their own work.

even writing their own work.
All aspects of acting are covered such as movement, voice etc.
Many students have joined us from other drama classes and are often amazed at the original way in which our classes are taught. They say that they haven’t experienced anything like what takes place in our classes anywhere else.

Because of this approach a number of students have acquired the skills tp mount their own work and productions where they have formed companies, produced and toured their work. The classes make so many things possible.

5. I would like to increase my confidence levels as sometimes I need to give a presentation at work, which I absolutely dread. Someone suggested I take drama classes at ‘The Studio’ but would these be of any benefit to me?

Not all of our students come to the classes to become professional actors…that said, some didn’t come with this intention but got the bug and ended up doing just that!

We believe that drama and performance can help everyone at any time of life. The performance skills acquired in the safe and supporting environment at The Studio enable students to take these skills out into any area of life including the workplace.

One particular student came with the desire to learn how to acquire good work presentation skills, they went on to not only leave their current job but to secure a job they’d always wanted as they felt an increase in confidence and excelled with their presentation at the interview selection.

6. I studied drama at college many years ago before having the children and I have often thought of rekindling this passion but I just wondered if I’ve had too much of a break to return to training?

Absolutely not. Acting is like muscle memory all those skills and the love for acting will very quickly return… you will be amazed, it will be just like yesterday you were last on a stage!

The students at The Studio are so welcoming and supportive that any anxieties will just melt away when you return to doing what you love.

7. I am in my seventies and have never acted before but secretly always fancied giving it a go. Would I be wasting my time? Am I too old?

There certainly is no such thing as being too old at ‘The Studio’ to learn acting.

In our adult classes we have students from 18 and there is no upper age limit. Currently I think our most mature student is approaching 80 years young.

The great thing about our mature students is the wealth of life experiences that they bring to the group. Such experience can never be learned and this, transforms and pays dividends through a student when they act and embody the role of a character.

We have had students like yourself join us later in life, that have had no formal acting coaching and after training at The Studio are now living their dream, have an agent and are acting at a professional level.

8. I would love to try drama classes but I’m just so incredibly nervous and I’m worried that this would prevent me from joining in the classes or even from walking through the door! Am I a lost cause?

We would say come and join us. You would never be asked to do anything that you didn’t feel comfortable to do.

The atmosphere at The Studio is one of support, patience and understanding.

Imagine how great it would feel to be able to overcome such nervousness.

No doubt, this would then have a beneficial effect on all areas of your life.

Come and take that first step, we will support you all the way!