Class Structure

Cartwright Drama Studio – Acting Workshop

Jim Cartwright Drama Studio

The Main two 2 hour classes are text based and also aimed toward creating original work from scratch to build toward showings. They will also cover various Acting Techniques such as:

Improvisation – As a gateway to and development of creative imagination – Leading to the formation of an Improv’ group and an Improv’ night.

Voice – The road to a strong, flexible, powerful voice.

Mime – The study of mime to develop expansive physical expression and grace.

Confidence building – Without self-belief thriving in the acting profession is very difficult. Also covering, motivation and goal setting in relation to an acting career.

Camera Technique – Study of acting for film and television.

Career Guidance and Mentoring – Examination of how the business works and how to operate within it to the best effect – Finding an agent. Getting known to casting directors. Finding work in television and theatre.